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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bona Fide

Hi. Welcome back.
God bless you, dear friend. I'm so glad you're here.

Go ahead, and take a moment to get a cup of tea or coffee. But, don't get distracted. Come right back. I'm waiting to share this "breathing" moment with you. That's right, "breathing moment." Take a moment to say a prayer. Something simple. Something like, Thank You, dear Father for this day that You have given me. I praise your Holy name and thank You. Amen. Great! Now, breathe out slowly, let it all go, all of the stress, anxious thoughts, and fears.

Now, breathe in slowly, deeply. Breathe in this precious breath of life that the Lord has given us. With a breath blown into a handful of dust God gave us life and today He continues to give us breath and life through His Holy Spirit. Draw on Him, dear one. Breathe it in deeply. Let it nourish every cell, filling each one of them with the knowledge of His great love for us. His glory. Let your soul soar! Feel it lifting?

Isn't it wonderful what a little praise can do? It's no accident that I just stumbled upon. There's a method to my madness...Satan can't stand to hear the Lord's praises. He must flee from the presence of praise that is offered to the one and only true God our Father. Don't let Satan have his nasty little way filling you with distress, distracting you from the Lord's gifts all around you and robbing you of joy. He has no authority over us. If our God has the power to make people out of dust mixed with His holy breath, He has the power to hold us and sustain us. Nothing can snatch us from His hand. Check it out in Romans 8:35-39. It's fact. The indisputable word of God.

Which brings us to the name I chose for this blog.

Bona fide-made, done or presented in good faith, without deception, authentic, true.
Synonyms-honest, sincere, genuine.

So, with a little play on words, that's how I arrived at the title for my blog.

 I want this blog to be all of those things; most of all a place to get real with God, with who we are in Christ Jesus, with who we are on a daily basis.

 Let's face it girls; life's not always blue skies, and sunflowers as the little picture here shows. (By the way, I took that picture myself last summer while out for a driving lesson with my son.) It was one of the earlier of nearly a hundred hours that we would log together over the next nine months.
Anyhow, when I got my fingernails out of the dashboard and my foot out of that hole in the floor on the passenger side; after a few moments of reflecting on the Lord's gift of beauty before me, my eyesight to behold it and my precious son to share it with, I was finally able to steady my camera enough to snap a picture.
I realized what a blessing it was to stop and focus for just moment on the beauty of this day that the Lord has made. Sprinkled down directly from the Lord's hand in the midst of my anxious moments was something calming, beautiful, unexpected and extraordinary.

That's what I'm talking about. Those clouds are gonna roll in and bring with them storms, terrible winds, floods, lightning, thunder and the damage that follows for us to deal with. For a moment we may be stunned, not knowing what to do next.
But, if we look with Christ's eyes, He will show us the way. He will show us new and wonderful things. Out of the wreckage He will sustain us. He can be trusted. He is BONA FIDE. Praise God!! Hallaleujah! He may even send us a rainbow!

(c) 2011 Bonnie M. Evans


Laura G said...

Thank you for the reminder of the power of praising God and that the enemy runs away from it. Your words encourage my soul - keep writing:)

Bonnie Mae Evans said...

Thank you for your encouragement also,Laura. All of the glory belongs to Him. He alone is worthy of all our praise! God bless you with His joy!