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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prayers and Tears

Good Morning.
I’m so glad that you’re visiting with me again. I apologize if you have tried to leave comments and been unable to. I would love to hear from you. There seems to be a problem with the comment setting. This morning I have attempted to correct that. So, hopefully it will work.
Early this morning I knelt in my special place to spend time with Jesus. As I gazed up at the sky through the trees, I wondered. Why do I always look skyward when I begin my prayers? Why do I feel as though I’m closer looking toward Heaven. I know He is everywhere. I know He is right here beside me.
What if I was surrounded by brick walls so tall that I couldn’t see above them? I guess I would still start out by lifting my praises in the direction of the sky. That’s how I like to begin my prayer time. I say begin because there are times when I start out that way but the nature and urgency of my prayers soon drive me down on my face before my Lord.
Have you ever had those times, dear friend? Times when your need is so great; your fear is so deep, your burden is too heavy, your disappointment cuts like a knife or maybe your physical pain is too much too bear. Those times when you pray those desperate wrenched-from-the-heart prayers—crying out to God, pleading with Him to intervene in your life or the life of someone you love. Those are very precious times of prayer, however painful. They are the times that we recognize that He alone is sufficient to meet that particular need. He is sovereign. He is the Great I AM! We “get down” with Him and get real about our total dependence on Him. We see Him for who He really is.
 During some of these occasions, I have felt the closeness of God. I could almost feel His breath on the back of my neck. I have felt Him drawing nearer to me; inclining His ear to me. He knows our pain. The Bible says He collects our tears in a bottle. Psalm 56:8.
In particular times of distress I have felt Jesus place His arm around my shoulders or gently on my back.  But, before you are ready to commit me—I can tell you with certainty that the presence of that touch ABSOLUTELY defined comfort and peace. John 14:27 kind of peace—His peace— not as the world defines peace.
My prayer is that you know that closeness with our Lord and Savior. There is nothing like it this side of Heaven.
Now back to the subject of tears-
We know He collects our sad tears. But, did you ever wonder about our happy tears? You know, those bent-over-double-laughing tears. Those embarrassing can’t-get-my-upper-lip-off-my-gums tears.  I’m ashamed to say, thanks to my son; I’ll blame it on him, some of those times have been in church. Oh well, it’s true. Like the time we were apparently out of the “bread” for communion and broken-up Ritz crackers were passed to us on the plate. (Why not just use Goldfish crackers since we're getting creative?) Anyhow, point made- now tell me that wouldn’t make you at least smile.
Well, I believe He collects the happy tears also. He loves our joy and I just know He loves to hear our laughter. (I’m not sure about during communion, but I’ve already prayed about that one.) And guess what— I’m forgiven, if it was ever really counted as a sin.
I can picture Him swishing the happy tears around with the sad tears as if to balance out the good and bad times down here on earth. I can almost hear Him whispering, “Just wait precious one, in Heaven there is only joy- no more tears. Just wait and see.”
© Bonnie M. Evans 2011


Cindy said...

Your writing is lovely. You bring me into your message as if I were the "dear friend" you were so kindly speaking to. You words are upliftiing and heartfelt. Thank you so much! Please continue....

Bonnie Mae Evans said...

Dear Cindy,
Thank you for your kind words. They uplifted me as well. All of the glory belongs to Him who has made us even closer than friends but Sisters in Christ! Praise God.