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Friday, July 20, 2012

Admiring the Admiral

Hi there dear followers.

(I'm peeking timidly around the corner to see if you're still there.)

I haven't forgotten about you. I have no excuses for missing a June post.
Life has just been happening around here. A lot lately.

Can you relate? Silly question. Of course you can.
In all honesty you probably haven't even had a chance to read a blog with your busy summer schedules.
So in a way I've done you a favor.
How very thoughtful of me.

What ever happened to those lazy, hazy days of summer that we used to sing about and enjoy?

Anyhow, so much has taken place that it will take me several blog posts to catch you up with what the Lord has been doing in my life and the in lives of my family.
So, my new goal is to post more often and shorter.

This will be a BIG challenge.

I'm sort of long-winded and I love words and descriptions.
That works out well with being a writer and all.

Anyhow, getting to the point . . .

A few evenings ago my husband called me to look at a butterfly that landed on our picnic table. Knowing my love for nature he said, "Look! What kind is it? I've never seen one like it before."
I hadn't either. I quickly grabbed my trusty National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies.

(Notice how I couldn't just say my butterfly book. I wanted to share the details with you. Now, seriously can't you picture it clearer knowing that it was a real serious butterfly book?)

Looking it up I found that it was a Red Admiral butterfly. While we admired the Admiral I read interesting facts about this particular species aloud to my husband. It was amazing to realize that people had studied them in such detail. Such as, the fact that they often appear right before a thunderstorm and there happened to be a storm brewing on the horizon.

As I drank in the moment of precious time shared with my husband and we marveled at its beauty, I began to reflect on the even more amazing God who created it.
He is so diverse that right there in my hand was a book with incredible details about 600 species of butterflies and notes on 70 others!

God did not just make a couple for His own amusement. He made thousands of varieties and sent them throughout the world. He simply opened His hand and out fluttered thousands of breathtakingly gorgeous butterflies. Out into the crisp, azure blue skies to breathe in the pristine air and light in the lush green treetops.

All originated by Him.

All made by His own design . . . by His own hand.

All part of His wondrous creation.

And then I thought, Why? Why would God go to all that trouble? To bring us joy and delight?
Well, yes. I do believe He likes to bring us joy and delight. But, I also believe there is a bigger purpose, a more important reason.

That's when His word came to me, sweetly as it always does.

The Heavens declare the glory of God: the skies proclaim the work of His hands.
Day to day pours out speech and night unto night reveals knowledge.  Psalm 19:1-2

That's it!
He is sharing knowledge of Himself with us. It's all around us every day.
He is speaking in the details of life.
In His glorious creation.
The butterflies without uttering a word.
They all speak volumes about from whom they came.
Their creator.
Our creator.

His creation echoes back to Him and shouts at us on the way.




They all declare the glory of God simply, perfectly . . .  through their very existance.
They speak without lips, of His majesty for all to hear.
For all, who will take a moment to pause, listen and reflect.

Without uttering a single word His creation never ceases to declare His glory.

How much more should I , me of so many words praise His Holy name!

Hands outstretched high overhead.

Praise the Holy name of Jesus! 

Praise Your Name!

(C) 2012 Bonnie Mae Evans

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